After a cataclysmic event irrevocably changes Earth as we know it, life finds a way and Terra Two begins. I’m fourth generation Terra Two. In 2225, a Deep Impact style apocalyptic event happened on Earth and wiped out almost all of the population. Some saw it coming, those who weren’t prepared were lost. High profile … Continue reading “Currency”

Cimmerian Salon

To say that Audrey Williams is a little stressed would be a gross understatement. To say that it is all her doing would be a perfectly accurate assumption. She loves the work, loves being stretched for time, pushing her deadlines, but frankly, as April comes and goes, she is just about ready to crack. Her … Continue reading “Cimmerian Salon”

honoring a great man

this is not a normal post. August 2019. Today we gathered to pay our respects the way he would have liked: with men in uniforms firing guns in tribute to his great service to his great nation. Ten men–one with a horn, seven carrying one rifle a piece, and two carrying a flag marched in … Continue reading “honoring a great man”

Heart Song

“Tillion, if you keep humming to yourself all the time you’ll never be matched.” Tillion, whose head was always stuck in the clouds, did not stop humming or twirling her pencil aimlessly. “Tillion, do you hear me? I said stop that humming.” “Yes, Nana.” With a sigh, Tillion’s humming and twirling ceased. Staring up at … Continue reading “Heart Song”

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